Binge Eating and Food Addiction 5 Month Transformation Package

Are you struggling with your binge eating or food addictions? Perhaps you’ve struggled and failed so often, you’re about to GIVE UP!

Regardless, you’re probably fed up with the B.S, and want to know how to actually deal with your issues without taking those damn magic pills and resorting to the latest: “Take my free, fat blast magic solution, and lose a thousand pounds in a month, and your food addictions and binge eating issues will magically disappear, and you’ll become the supreme ruler of the world! OK, so I’m over exaggerating a bit, but you get my point! Either way, you’re probably at the point of needing some clarity and truth, and RIGHT NOW!

I get it, I’ve been there myself. I was at the point where I was either going to give up, or educate myself. I chose education, and I lost 101lbs, WHILE DEALING WITH MY OWN BINGE EATING AND FOOD ADDICTION STRUGLES.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people break through their own struggles. Working with me, you will have a plan of action to actually deal with your issues; to finally regain and take control, including:

•     Having a coach who has faced and struggled with these issues, I will guide you through a proven program I created that gives you real results.
•     Finally deal with your food addictions, once and for all!
•     Learn what really works to stop binge eating.
•     Learn how to disconnect unhealthy food patterns.
•     Feel confident that you can make smarter food connections.
•     Learn to make smarter choices, while losing your desired weight.
•     Separate fact from fiction, and learn what actually works.
•     Create a realistic and sustainable nutritional plan.

This highly effective Breakthrough Package includes:

•     An initial one-hour “Binge Eating and Food Addictions Assessment” starter session, which will help give you some clarity and a deeper understanding of your issues, which is a powerful first step on taking your power back!
•     Three 45-minute Transformation coaching calls per month.
•     One 15-minute Laser coaching call between sessions to give you extra support when you are feeling stuck, feel a binge coming on, have any struggles in dealing with your binge eating or food addictions.
•     A transformational action plan that is tailored to YOUR individual needs.
•     Sample meal plans to help you to combine your meals and snacks and help you to meet your daily food and calorie targets.
•     Unlimited email support for any struggles or issues you need help resolving NOW!
•     BONUS #1: A FREE pdf copy of my books, Be Your Own Weight Loss Coach and Be Your Own Health and Wellness Coach.
•     BONUS # 2: Passions and Interests pdf, where you will learn 6 key elements to igniting your passions.
•     BONUS # 3:  Identifying Your Goals pdf, which will help guide you in brainstorming things that you would like to do, achieve, experience, or have in your life.
•     BONUS # 4: Rewriting Your Life Story pdf, to help put your life and the things you wish to change into perspective.


“I am on a journey of weight loss and lifestyle change. I saw a post by Gregory Groves that I could really relate to, through that I had an opportunity to receive virtual coaching from him. I struggle with emotional stress eating and feelings of a lack of self-worth. My calls with Greg were so uplifting; I felt for the first time that I was truly heard and he understood my struggles. Greg gave me an exercise on time management and some things to work on with my self-esteem.
I felt like I was on a natural high after speaking with him on our very first call. I highly recommend him to anyone who struggles with emotional stress eating or any emotional struggles with weight loss; he works one-on-one towards a common goal: YOUR goal!
He provides much more than weight loss advice; most of the battle is believing in ourselves and finding strategies to overcome our roadblocks and struggles.” - Lois Morash

“Greg has done the weight loss journey himself and knew firsthand the challenges I faced with my eating.

In his coaching he has the ability to pull the words out of you.

He is the real deal!” - Jivanne Foster