The Cobblestone Difference.

As an experienced, technology consulting firm, we understand that the business landscape is not flat, nor does it flow in one direction. We believe IT solutions should be reliable, grow with your business, foster productivity and make working easier. It means achieving real business results that yield a strategic advantage from IT and transforming your organization.

Inspired by Commitment and Quality

“Since our inception in 2001, we’ve thrived on challenge, ” says Laurie Bacopoulos, CEO and President of Cobblestone Consulting Inc.  Our drive to develop premium business solutions that generate real results and competitive advantage for your business guides everything we do. That emphasis of strong relationship and partnership allows us to guide our client’s long term.

From planning and discovery to design and implementation, we are committed and driven to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We believe that “who we are” not only differentiates us from other firms, but is the defining factor in achieving shared success with our customers.

Our value has been realized by a number of growing organizations who share a common set of objectives:

■Understanding business and technology issues
■Leverage IT as a strategic driver for a competitive advantage, not just a business utility
■Increasing profitability and efficiency by accomplishing ore with less effort and expense
■Delivering access to a global work force. By offering onsite, offsite and offshore resources, we offer clients the ability to meet both cost and performance objectives
■Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of information technology by managing different service streams including consulting, IT services, business solution design and SaaS.