We have created a stellar Eyeglass holder with style and functionality.  Our story started in pieces of beautiful stones and luxury styled eyewear necklace designs with the first original eyeglass holder extensions. After Laura got tired of trying all of the other options currently on the market for eyewear holders, this design was born. Coccinella eyeglass holders allow you to leave your extension attached to the handles of your eyeglasses or sunglasses while providing a versatile hook that attaches any of our chains. Due to their length, others' chains sit in a position that allow your glasses to rub on your seat belt and  scratch the lenses. Our 33” strand sits perfectly in position below your seatbelt. If you have a shorter torso, we also offer a 24” strand. These are extended by 3 inches when worn with the hook extension. The extensions come in gold or silver to match perfectly with any of our chains. Extensions are sold separately from necklaces. Choose a collection of gold styled necklaces to change your look or a silver extension to go with the silver necklace options. Not only are these NOT Grandma's outdated chain, but they work for people of all ages with trendy current jewelry options.

We took it upon ourselves to engineer a quality extension with a sturdy connection between the necklace and the glasses.  She started there and got so excited with the end result that she could not stop at that. Laura created the new revolution of all eyewear necklaces: a gorgeous line of high end eyeglass holders that no one else can replicate. Going to workout? Grab an eyeglass necklace. Going to work? Show off in your office with an elegant statement piece. Going to a gala or special event? Layer two or more of our styles for your night out. These can also transform into a necklace if you don't feel like using your glasses for extra layering potential. Coccinella's chains stand out among the rest. These are styles that are collectively put together by you! Look nothing short of sophisticated in a trendy style of your choosing.

We have tested them all and didn’t need to test any further. Purchase your luxury look today!