Utilizing their 30 year relationship with Florida-born Film Producer/Director James Fitzpatrick (Clearwater), Producer-Directors Corbin Timbrook & Sam Nicholson have created the Commercial Production Company ‘Coconut Beach Productions.’ The Florida based part of the team consists of Fitzpatrick, Bay News 9 Anchor Jennifer Holloway, Music Producer David Lanning, Producer/Director Jodi Knotts and DP/Producer Michael Rocha. California’s Tax situation, Labor Unions and expensive Filming Permits, isn’t exactly enticing for the Top Tier Advertising Agencies through-out the country, to come to California to spend their client’s money. Florida (a Right-to-Work State) is quickly becoming much more attractive when it comes to filming commercials due to the better weather during winters, the overall Production support of non-Union workers fees and a film-friendly smaller Tax requirement base.
“Our goal is to create a High Octane Hybrid DNA identity for our clients with award winning marketing strategies through utilizing A-List talent and Crew with unequaled studio quality and production value…at a less expensive rate. Helping our clients achieve name recognition and success, giving them the ability to knockout their competition. We believe by doing this we will create a network of long lasting business “Partnerships” with our clients that will generate growth and success for all, said James Fitzpatrick…and we’ll begin by shooting Regional and local commercials for businesses around the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida.”
For More Info: Please Contact Julienne Ford-Hammond at 727.599.3536 or Jodi@CoconutPros.com