Since 2006 we have been managing funds for clients in the foreign exchange markets.  Our trading development team has developed an algorithm which is based on the current market price.  This is unlike most trading algorithms today which base the trading on historical pricing.  The reason for this difference in our way of trading is because we believe that the market psychology in the forex markets changes too fast and too often for the price history to have a significant meaning in the determination of the future price of various currency pairs.
The company works only with brokers who are non-market makers.  This means that they have no conflict of interest with the clients in regards to the accounts' profitability.  This is unlike brokers who are market makers whose best interest is not the client's best interest.  We are very strict when it comes to the brokers we do business with and for this reason we are always researching and verifying all information regarding current brokers we work with and future potential partnerships.
Our clients are dispersed all over the globe from Mexico to the Persian Gulf.  Coelho is always on the lookout for potential new marketing partnerships which will let us expand into new markets and/ or have a stronger presence in markets we are already in.  We expect from our partner agents the same level of professionalism as we expect from our brokers.
We are not a big company and this can be seen in the personal level of service that we give all of our clients, big and small.  We truly believe that the key to longevity in this business is an outstanding level of personalized customer service.