Cogent Consulting Group's mission is to help small and mid-sized business owners and executives define and achieve their business goals. We provide objective view points, aid in setting audacious goals, and partner with our clients to reach those goals.

Our coaching and consulting solutions are focused on small and mid-sized businesses and targeted directly at improving your bottom line and creating a powerfully capable organization that doesn't require your constant attention. Sound good? We've made it easy for you to see what its like to work with us by coupling two of our most powerful offerings into a complementary bundle. Read more at www.thecogentcoach and contact us now to set up your free business assessment and strategy session.

Our coaches and consultants are experienced entrepreneurs, have been part of the executive leadership teams at successful consulting firms, many have MBAs, have multiple industry certifications in coaching and consulting and have a passion for helping small and mid-sized businesses succeed. We have worked for the Executive Office of the President, served on Service Chief staffs, consulted to start-ups and millionaires, and are ready to serve you.

We also publish a free newsletter focused upon issues critical to small businesses. We distill complicated topics and complex themes into the key elements that are important to small businesses. Past issues have been dedicated to strategy, business plans, business models, analysis tools, building a creative and adaptable organization, and tools to improve your employee hiring and retention.