Cognition deploys simple, cost-effective IoT sensors inside the site of a food manufacturer to take new data from their Operation. We structure this data efficiently in the cloud and build a picture of what’s actually going on within the Operation.

We use Advanced Analytics to alert our clients to the differences in how their assets/processes are running in order to identify lots of costed savings opportunities that add up to a big number – all in real-time.

Our core benefit is facilitating a really simple interface for our clients to track the priority activities required to get performance to its optimum state using Operational Intelligence.

The Cognition platform allows Managers to make better interventions in their business – with confidence.

As a SaaS business, our revenue generating clients in the food industry subscribe to one of our modules (eg energy optimisation, compliance-cost reduction) but the platform is scalable so we grow with their desire for increased Operational Intelligence across their business.