Coincub.com offers bespoke information, guidance, and analysis on the workings of the crypto economy for both new and experienced crypto investors on a uniquely country-by-country basis. Full country rankings and exchange rates can be found on the website.

Coincub’s analysts present a holistic view for investors and interested spectators alike. Compiled on a country-by-country basis, the country ranking includes pure trading data and qualitative information – including the latest positive or negative legislation – to give a clearer picture of the crypto economy in a given country.

Even though crypto is a borderless technology, global differences in legislation and regulatory frameworks mean that jurisdiction affects the way users can interact with the crypto economy.

Newcomers to crypto face many challenges. Legal frameworks are full of jargon and change constantly. Crypto exchanges charge heavy fees that often don’t make sense. That’s not to mention confusing crypto exchange fee schedules.

Coincub’s team of analysts has created a groundbreaking country ranking. Users can finally see how crypto-friendly their countries are. Who knows, maybe it’s time for a move.

The Web3 Index is based on societal parameters such as government policy, financial sector acceptance, tax laws, regulations, and legal requirements. The ranking also takes into account quantitative data such as crypto ownership, bitcoin ATMs, and spending opportunities.

Coincub plans to occupy this evolving space, producing regular rankings linked to target audience publications, websites, news channels and related organizations.