American Heritage Brands (AHB) is proud to reintroduce yesterday's classic
American brands to today's fashion conscious consumer. Our family of vintage sneakers, footwear, jeans and toys include:  Colchester Rubber Co., Jacob Jeans, Gurfers, Transogram, Harry Lew Original Baller, Witch-Elk, Rippers, Black Panther, Victorian Rainbow and U.S. Rubber Co. Our brands feature World's First and pioneers and we not only replicate their vision in their creations but their passion as well.

At American Heritage Brands we believe that everyone should celebrate Yesterday Once More.

AHB's flagship brand is Colchester Rubber Co. - The World's First Sneakers. Famous for being the World's First Sneaker Brand after creating the first pair of basketball shoes in 1892 for Dr. James Naismith - the inventor of basketball. While only one original pair of sneakers created by Colchester Rubber Co. ever existed it served to initiate a fashion trend that is still going strong over 118 years later. Amazingly the original pair of Colchester Rubber Co. sneakers were rediscovered in 2004. While our story may be unknown and undiscovered to history we are the Alpha of sneakers and are back to claim our rightful place in sneaker history as the style that started it all.  With our genuine replica of the original sneakers from 1892 - The Alpha - and many more styles and colors to follow Colchester Rubber Co. is back to stay.

Some of our other brands include:

Jacob Jeans - named after Jacob Youphes (Davis), the World's First Jeans pioneer who invented the first pair of denim jeans and helped Levi Strauss to market and sell them to the world. This World's First would cement Jacob's creation as one of the most important fashion styles of all time. Jacob Jeans - The World's First Jeans will feature styles and designs modeled after Jacob Youphes original creation but also offer updated styles and fashions for today.

Harry Lew. Quite simply Harry Lew is The Original Baller. He was the first African American professional basketball player and the Harry Lew brand of footwear and apparel will reflect this American pioneer.

Transogram is the classic toy company that introduced the world to Tiddly Winks and some of the most beloved and innovative board games of all time like Green Ghost. This brand will revive these classics.

Gurfers is the World's First Girl Surfers. AHB will tell their story to the world.

Witch-Elk is a classic American footwear brand that began in 1897 creating performance athletic shoes. Witch-Elk offered athletic shoes right up until the 1930's for baseball, bicycling, tennis, and many more sports.

American Heritage Brands has also aligned itself with footwear manufacturer Rich Life for production of Colchester Rubber Co.

AHB  has also developed Team Colchester which is the family of uniquely talented brands and individuals that epitomize the spirit of Colchester Rubber Co. and American Heritage Brands. People celebrating their passion for an activity or sport and doing things for love of the game.

American Heritage Brands aggressive launch plan has begun with Colchester Rubber Co. in the Spring of 2010 and will continue through 2014 for the current list of brands and will only expand as we add to our ever increasing stable of brands.

American Heritage Brands family of products are available online, coming soon to retail, and available for licensing opportunities.

Find us online at http://www.AmericanHeritageBrands.com and http://www.ColchesterRubberCo.com.