Cold Laser Consulting, Inc. is a business which was formed in 1/2012 by Todd W. Austin, D.C. and Eugena B. Austin, L.M.T.  Dr. Austin has been studying cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT), since 2004.  Dr. Todd & Eugena added cold laser therapy services to their chiropractic wellness clinic in 2005.  Their practice then became a "Full Service Cold Laser Therapy Clinic" in 2010.  

Dr. Austin is tired of attending cold laser seminars and getting lied to by unscupulous cold laser therapy sales reps who will do anything to sell doctors the most expensive cold laser device that their company has to offer!  

Dr. Todd & Eugena are also sickened by the stories that they routinely here from fellow holistic healthcare providers, about how they had a momentary lapse of good judgement and spent $15,000 more for their new cold laser device than they needed too!   Ouch.

For this reason, we offer a paid cold laser consulting service, where for a nominal fee of $249, we will hook up a health care provider with the appropriate cold laser therapy company or companies after learning about the doctor's practice needs.  This includes 90 days of follow-up with the doctor as well.  It is our goal to save each of our fellow health care providers at least $10,000 on the purchase of their cold laser therapy device(s), which I'm sure you'll agree is a wonderful return on investment.  

We do NOT sell any cold lasers.  We are NOT on the payroll of any cold laser therapy sales companies either.  But we have worked with and purchased from several reputable companies over the years while in the process of acquiring all of our clinic's cold laser therapy devices.  We know how to wade through the B.S. and get to the facts.

We also offer on-site consulting in our Central IL clinic or in the client cold laser therapy practitioners clinic as well.

We also offer two FREE services as well.  First, Dr. Todd has put together an  informational cold laser therapy online video channel called "Cold Laser TV".   Each episode of Cold Laser TV will be from 4 to 10 minutes in length and each will explore a different topic related to Cold Laser Therapy.  The purpose of Cold Laser TV is to arm both potential cold laser patients, current cold laser patients, doctors considering learning about cold laser therapy and doctors relatively new to cold laser therapy with a plethora of quality facts and info about Dr. Todd's passion, Cold Laser Therapy.  

Secondly, we are also building a FindaColdLaserTherapist online directory.  This is a FREE service so that we can more easily find cold laser therapy practitioners for the many potential cold laser therapy patients in other cities and states who routinely contact us  in need of one.