Since 1955, Cole-Parmer has been a leading global supplier of laboratory, process, and fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies. Cole-Parmer branded products are sold worldwide through company-owned customer channel outlets and a strong network of international dealers to customers in the engineering, scientific research, healthcare, environmental, industrial, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and educational sectors.

Cole-Parmer’s innovative product lines include Masterflex® tubing pump systems, sanitary fluid-handling equipment, process instrumentation, general-purpose laboratory equipment & consumables, and BioConnect® bioprocess assemblies.

Detailed product information is available via the free 2000-page 2011/12 Cole-Parmer General Catalogue, or alternatively through our on-line catalogue at ColeParmer.co.uk featuring detailed selection guides, technical specifications, current pricing and availability for over 100,000 products.  

Each product is backed by free technical assistance from the company’s expert staff of application specialists, who can help in product selection and assist in troubleshooting problems throughout the life of the product.

Our laboratory product selection includes Balances, baths and circulators, centrifuges, chromatography, conductivity measurement, distillation apparatus, dispensing equipment, environmental and testing chambers, evaporators, filtration, fume hoods, hot plates, humidity meters, incubators, microscopes, ovens, pH meters and electrodes, peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, pump tubing, refrigerators, refractometers, safety equipment and apparel, sample preparation equipment, shakers, sterilizers, stirrers, ultrasonic cleaners, plus an extensive selection of laboratory consumables.

Our Process product range includes process equipment, control instrumentation, fluid handling products, personal safety items, laboratory equipment, temperature instruments, and electrochemistry products, including: -

• Metering and general transfer pumps including  diaphragm, bellows, centrifugal, drum, gear, hand, industrial hose, piston, peristaltic tubing, progressing cavity, rotary lobe, rotary vane and syringe technologies;
• Flow meters and flow controllers for liquid and gas applications including variable area, Coriolis, gear, propeller, magnetic, differential pressure, thermal dispersion, turbine, ultrasonic, and vortex technologies.;
• Electrochemistry products for pH, temperature, conductivity, mV, ions, dissolved-oxygen, TDS, salinity, and ORP;
• Temperature measurement and control including thermometers, controllers, probes, calibrators, recorders & dataloggers;
• Pressure and vacuum instruments including vacuum pumps, pressure gauges and pressure regulators
• General process equipment and consumables including Mixers, ultrasonic cleaners,  tubing, valves, fittings, heating tapes and tanks

Cole-Parmer offers hard-to-find items and everyday basics from the brands you rely on along with Value-Added-Services like Traceable Certificates and OEM Private Label or Custom Design Services.

Visit our website at ColeParmer.co.uk or contact the Application Specialists for free technical support on 0500 345 300 from UK or 0044 20 8574 7556 and let us bring over 50 years of scientific experience to help solve your application needs.