With more than 50 years of experience, Cole-Parmer is a global leader in supplying fluid handling, life science, and general laboratory products, instrumentation, and equipment to the Biotech, Chemical, Academics, Environmental, Food, Industrial Manufacturing, and Print industries. Offering a wide selection of products and instrumentation, we work with R&D, pilot plant and production, specializing in providing scale-up assistance. At Cole-Parmer, we strive to offer our customers the convenience along with their choice of products, technical application support, service, and value-added solutions.

With a mix of proprietary products and strategic partnering with leading manufacturers, Cole-Parmer’s business is highly diversified across a spectrum of products, consumables, services and solutions. This makes us a worldwide leader in delivering solutions to the scientific community.

Our customer-centric approach, consistency in delivering the quality, continuous improvement through innovation & creativity, when combined with latest & hard-to-find products and value-added services, gives the customer a safer, convenient and more productive work environment.  Cole-Parmer provides:

•     Breakthrough Fluid handling products that include metering pumps, tubings, fittings and flow meters, and Single-use Technology,
•     Other Test & Control instruments, Laboratory & Process equipments, consumables and most importantly,
•     The Application expertise - that helps to make the right decision as far as product selection is concerned.

Today, the Industry collaborates with Cole-Parmer for their discovery, product development and scale-up.