At Cole & Co, we think outside the box to solve problems that hinder buyers and sellers from reaching their real estate goals, and help them get the home they want faster than the average bear.

We are so confident in our ability to help them reach their goals, we will invest our own marketing dollars to leverage targeted marketing, and tap the off-market property supply to find that dream home if what our clients want is not already on the market. This effort, combined with modern sale-side strategies and creative contract negotiations, avoids the old-fashioned, and limited go-to methods most agents default to using to help their clients.

For the many absentee sellers who own vacation or rental homes in the north Georgia mountains, they will love our absentee seller property monitoring and reports that help ease their minds as they progress through the property sale process towards closing.

I began my real estate career in 1994. In 2020,  I became a real estate broker with a mission to empower my customers to overcome market hurdles so they can get on with living where  their hearts light up, and their souls thrive.