Colin Neighbourhood Partnership (CNP) is an award-winning community group based in the Colin area of West Belfast. The Partnership consists of local people & organisations, elected & community representatives, and government bodies. CNP was set up by local people living and working in the Colin area who wanted to see positive change in their community. Today, all these organisations work together in partnership to address issues which affect people living in the Colin neighbourhood.

CNP proactively initiates and manages a vast array of projects and initiatives covering arts and culture, community safety, environment, family support, and health and wellbeing.
Some of the services CNP provides include:

- Family Support
- Early Intervention
- Father’s Support
- Volunteer Opportunities
- Allotment schemes
- Services for young people with disabilities
- Men’s health and wellbeing
- Community safety initiatives
- Arts and cultural events
- Good Morning Colin telephone service
- EnviroCare gardening service
- Colin Care domiciliary care service