Established in September 1993, the Law Office of Lisa A. Charleston is dedicated to the collection of unpaid matters. Whether it’s a consumer or commercial debt, each matter is handled with the utmost skill and care in professional collection strategies and techniques. Only after we definitively determine a debt will not resolve amicably, and where assets warrant, do we recommend legal action to our clients.

We are a tightly knit group of collection and litigation professionals – bill collectors with law degrees and many years of experience. Our dedicated staff has been hands on in the resolution of outstanding receivables for our clients, whose patients and customers reside in most states throughout the continental U.S. We maintain a network of collection attorneys nationwide, allowing your debtor to feel your presence in their backyard, even if your business is not local. This is an extremely effective way to recover money and positively impact your bottom line.

With nearly 20 years of collection and commercial litigation experience, along with a network of outside attorneys, we are able to provide our clients with professional and effective collection efforts and impact - wherever your debtors reside/operate.

Time is money - Your money. Let us help you collect it!