The flagship course of the College of Mental Health Counseling is the Professional Counsellor Training Course. The description is found here and at where you can register.

Prerequisites: 1) sincere desire to increase self-awareness, 2) reading comprehension and writing composition skills. The online course is designed for individuals who may have been away from the traditional classroom for several years.

1. To acquire knowledge and skills in the process of counseling individuals and couples.
2. To increase the student's self-awareness of issues and factors contributing to his or her current life and functioning.

1. Completing and understanding the Clinical Assessment; steps for suicide prevention
2. Skills to begin, deepen, and close the counseling session and the over-all counseling process.
3. Skills to heal grief resulting from different types of loss: death of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, divorce, loss of health, bankruptcy, and others.
4. Skills to help others adopt healthy communication, reduce hostility, solve problems, resolve conflicts, listen with empathy, and speak assertively.
5. Approaches to help couples resolve specific issues: infidelity, household duties, addiction, and others.

Text and Materials:
Effective Counseling Skills: the practical wording of therapeutic statements and processes by Daniel Keeran, MSW Qualifying Examination for Professional Counseling Practice (sent as a Word .doc file, $500 value included in tuition) from the College of Mental Health Counseling
Clinical Assessment Form (sent as a Word .doc file, included in tuition) from the College of Mental Health Counseling