Dance is a form of art that is extremely beneficial to human mental and physical well-being. By inspiring individual creativity, dance can provide a positive influence in all ages. It is the mission of Colorado New Style Dance Studio share the beauty of this influence and make it accessible to children and adults within the Denver community.

Colorado New Style is an innovative community dance studio right in the Santa Fe Art District, bringing a fresh and fun environment to the area with a variety of classes. We offer child and adult dance instruction in the community great for:
•     children to come for after-school activities,
•     parents to come take classes when they have a moment to themselves,
•     professionals to get in their 30 minutes of activity
•     individuals can get inspired by different styles of dance,
•     couples can share a new experience,
•     and friend/family groups can hold special events.

In the mornings, there are fitness classes  have classes such as High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T), Strength & Stretching and Zumba Gold sure to jump start your day. If you are not a morning person, you can stop by on your lunch hour for a shorter Zumba, H.I.I.T, or Strength and Stretching class that will burn a maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time. Evenings and weekends start off with kid’s classes in hip hop, jazz and Latin dance, followed by a range of once-a-week dance classes for adults in afro-Colombian, Capoeira, line dancing,  Zumba, Tango, Flamenco and belly dance classes. To see more information about a specific class go to http://www.coloradonewstyle.com.

In addition to all of these fabulous group classes, there are six-week intensive dance classes, designed to progress as the weeks pass, in hip hop and dancer technique, strength & flexibility that will push you to the next level in dance. 10-week trimester salsa classes are offered in salsa partner work for beginners, intermediate/advanced partner work, and ladies/men’s styling. Similar to the intensive classes, these are designed to build upon themselves throughout the weeks.
We offer introductory dance, improvisation, and Capoeira summer camps for kids and, while the camp itself has a price, we are proposing to the parents of attendees an option to donate towards a scholarship fund to help a child in-need attend summer camp as well.