Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery. -Wayne Dyer

I believe in living the life you want to live.
Everyday I wake up renewed and in love with life.
I know inside all of us is an unlimited possibility seeking to express itself threw us.
Everyday I let that possibility become coinscious of itself.
I believe inside of you is a great potential waiting for you to let it be.

Thats my purpose.. To be loyal and creative to help suport everybody to realize, unlock, and reach that unlimited potential inside them. I believe that together we can all acheive this new unthinkable level of development as a whole.

One of the possibilitys seeking expression inside of me is visual arts. I love to draw, paint and screen print. And i strongly believe in doing what you love to do, so i started a clothing line called Colorbook Clothing. Its me and my best friends artwork that i print onto shirt right from my house. I believe in quality so I only print so many of each design to keep them unique and limited. To keep the art and ideas progressing. The best part is the concept, these arnt just normal shirts, they come with fabric markers so you can color them yourself!

We love to see everybodys differnt shirts, and we would love to see yours. Help to create a more colorful, creative, world full of love and potential - one shirt at a time!

Well thats enough about me, id like to get to know you now. Feel free to contact me anytime, i love communicating with my customers, i wouldnt beable to live my love without you.