Our office is the hearth of a warm dental community we have built with our patients. We are continually striving to deepen relationships with all we work with and are so pleased to welcome you to our practice.

At Northland Dental, you will receive exceptional dental care and be an active participant in your dental work. We prize our patient-dentist communication and point to it as a reason for our spectacular work. Dr. Siegel enjoys such a versatile expertise that we are able to take care of your every dental need.

o     Cosmetic Dentistry – Northland Dental can transform the smile you have visualized from a dream to concrete reality. Our cosmetic dental work is beautiful and unique to your needs. With teeth whitening, dental bonding, composite fillings, porcelain veneers, and porcelain crowns, Dr. Siegel is able to renew both your smile and your confidence.

o     Restorative Dentistry – Teeth that have fallen prey to the effects of time and erosion can be carefully reconstructed. We offer dental implants, dentures, bridges, crowns and periodontal treatments to return form and function to your teeth and gums.

o     Endodontics – Patients needing root canals needn’t visit another office. Our comprehensive skills and technology allow us to perform root canals in-office.

o     Oral Surgery – We take the stress out of tooth extractions and allow you to receive full treatment at Northland Dental.

o     Oral Appliances – Whether to aid with the damaging effects of sleep apnea, snoring, or teeth grinding, our oral appliances will improve your quality of sleep and protect you from harm.

o     TMJ Therapy – Our team will alleviate the pain and stress resulting from temporomandibular joint disorder with mouth guards, Botox Therapeutic, and other TMJ therapies.

o     Facial Aesthetics – Should you seek facial rejuvenation, we offer aesthetic facial enhancements to heal your skin and refresh your visage.

Please get in touch with our office to discuss your dental concerns. We look forward to traveling with you down the road to a rewarding smile and superb oral health.