At Come Alive Communications, we are dedicated to our Clients, and to the integrity of the messages they need to communicate.

Come Alive is a modern multimedia and marketing firm. We can help plot your project from start to finish, leading you step by step through everything from consultation, design and strategic planning to implementation and follow-up. Whether your project is for print, video, the internet, or other media, Come Alive’s Department of Multilingual Multimedia helps organziations deliver, educate or transmit via:

Internet... Come Alive designs, implements, promotes and maintains high-quality web sites and e-commerce sites for our Clients, in one language or in several.

Multilingual Audio/Video… Come Alive provides full-service video and audio production/dubbing in any language. Whether producing a song or soundtrack from scratch, or walking through the numerous elements of video production such as scripting, casting, directing and filming, Come Alive’s trained artistic professionals are ready to help. Using state-of-the-art digital editing and audiovisual technology, we can help in the planning and recording of promotional ads, web movies, music videos, documentaries and more. Voice-over, translation, foreign language narration, subtitling or perfectly-timed dubbing are just a phone call, or an email, away.

Marketing... Expertly-drafted press releases in one language or several, tailored to clients' needs and distributed to appropriate channels to maximize interest in products and services.

Desktop Publishing... State-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge software guarantee sharp, eye-catching output — the best way to transmit a message or promote a service.

Graphic Design... Whether a Client needs a brochure for an upcoming event, or simply lacks the right photos or artwork to publish the Korean version of a webpage, Come Alive’s skilled graphic designers, photographers, and digital photo and art libraries can be a simple solution. Our Clients approach us from all directions — with well-defined ideas to simple concepts jotted down from meeting notes — and we work to help them achieve their goal, outputting to any digital or traditional medium (e.g., print, film or web).

Interactive Presentations/Podcasts… In one language or in several, interactive presentations and Podcasts are fast becoming the custom-built vehicles that are allowing organizations to customize their messages.

Come Alive’s “language-transfer services” redefine the word “translation”. We insist on following the time-tested Three-Step Translation Process, and often add an additional, proprietary step. Qualified, experienced project managers oversee every step of this scrupulous approach, which at times requires Client feedback to insure that language-specific issues are clarified and interpreted to their satisfaction.

For complex and ongoing projects, we utilize state-of-the-art TM software such as Trados and other language management tools to support the human translation process. Developing detailed and specialized word databases for our Clients and their projects, and maintaining and updating them electronically, increases quality in complicated or long-term multilingual projects by improving terminology consistency and facilitating the proper management of repetitions.

Come Alive’s Editorial Team is at the top of its field, in many languages and language combinations. Past successes include everything from Best Seller List novels to high-liability bilingual training manuals. We are repeatedly commended for the quality, attention to detail and editorial precision we demand, while our project managers are approachable and offer personalized service.

While traditional, mechanical editing is still an option for those Clients who may prefer it, editing and management of proofs, drafts and multiple revisions can all be done via virtual meeting rooms, email or ftp transfer. Or, with Come Alive's Digital Client Preview system, there's no need to FedEx press proofs or hassle with file attachments. Clients can follow the whole creative process via our website, and make suggestions or changes just as if they were right in our office.

Simply stated, our rigorous standards are reflected by the caliber of Clients we serve. When risk is not an option, we are honored that our Clients repeatedly depend on us.