Each day the person that you care for will receive an automated call.  They will be asked if they are feeling well and have everything that they need? They will then be asked if they feel warm and comfortable? Finally they will be asked if anything is worrying them?

If there is a negative response to any of these questions, an alert is automatically sent to
a loved one straight away in the form of a text and an email. The alert will tell you which of the questions was answered in a negative way so that you are aware of any concerns and can act accordingly.

The call acts as a great prompt and reminder to make the person being called, stop and think, am I warm enough, do I need to warm up.

The calls are set up to ring on a rolling basis during the day at 10am 1pm 4pm & 7pm.
As soon as your loved one answers a call from us, the next call will be the following day.

For example, if a comfort care call isn’t answered at 10am, when we first ring, we will re-try at 1pm. If the call is answered at 1pm, then the system is reset and the next call will be the following day at 10am.

If we have tried to call and no calls have been answered during the day, an alert will be sent following the forth attempt, so after the 7pm call, letting you know that no calls were answered during the day allowing you to act accordingly.

A monthly activity report will be emailed to you so you can see the times that calls were answered and the responses given providing further peace of mind.