The team at CommandFusion (CF) is passionate about making automation software and hardware simple, reliable and affordable. We have gone to great lengths to source like-minded veterans throughout the world to make this a reality.

We also recognise that community efforts are often more powerful and productive than our own, and as such our communication protocols for both software and hardware are fully published in detail. Support is likewise community based on groups and online chat, which helps us cut down our support overheads and pass on the savings in product cost.

In both hardware and software design, great lengths have been taken to cater for flexibility, reliability, interoperability and the future.

In software, this is reflected with GUI design which is flexible, and a Regular Expression and JavaScript engine which can handle two way communication with any networked device, parsing data into meaningful UI elements.

With hardware, CF has chosen a wired approach which can then be made wireless. Wired solutions are inherently more reliable and secure. Bus testing has been undertaken for over a year prior to commercial release, and our products are capable of withstanding common miswiring faults, voltage fluctuation and drops.

Components have been carefully chosen, the majority of which are either from USA or Japan. Our products are currently contract manufactured by a large American company, with final assembly done in Malaysia. Products currently ship from our Malaysian facility, although steps are constantly being taken to shorten shipping times by having shipping and RMA hubs in strategic locations.

We also strive to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, with brown cardboard packaging and minimal use of plastic packaging.

CommandFusion (CF) began as GuiLink in 2005 specialising in custom touchpanel design. The product direction shifted with the release of the iPhone in 2007, and we officially changed company name to CommandFusion in 2011.

CF released iViewer on the Apple AppStore in 2008 and has since gained a strong following and reputation for its ability to communicate with any ethernet capable device and dynamically interpret any device feedback into useful data such as button states, text or gauge levels via a combination of Regular Expressions and JavaScript.

iViewer is often used with leading control and lighting systems such as Crestron, AMX, Lutron, Vantage, Clipsal amongst others. Its true potential is shown when simultaneously used with media servers, control systems and other ethernet based devices, simplifying programming and greatly reducing the load on control systems. iViewer for Android devices began public beta testing in early 2012 and is slated for commercial release in Q2 2012.

CF started developing its own control systems hardware in 2008, geared at simplifying programming whilst maintaining reliability and capability comparable to leading control systems. Slated for commercial release in late April 2012, the hardware has undergone three separate production trials including a public beta before commercial release.

CF is a privately owned and funded company with its team made up of industry veterans across the world.