What if you could purchase affordable, dependable life insurance online without the hassle of a salesperson and dramatically impact the quality of life for millions of people around the world?

That's Commission Giver.

Many are familiar with the model of socially-responsible companies like Toms or Warby Parker that dedicate a portion of their revenue toward improving the lives of people around the world. If it can be done with shoes and eye glasses, why not life insurance?

At Commission Giver, we've developed an online life insurance application process. After entering basic personal information on our website, you'll be presented with several purchase options based on the answers you provide. You choose the plan that best suits you, and the rest of the step-by-step process can be completed at your convenience. Then, once you've paid your first month's premium, 50% of the commission generated by your purchase will be directed to a charity or nonprofit.

It's that simple.

Commission Giver launched because we recognize two fundamental things: 1) life insurance is needed by most people to manage risk, and 2) millions of people around the world live without access to basic needs. In fact, according to DoSomething.org:

"Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day...805 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat. More than 750 million people lack adequate access to clean drinking water. Diarrhea caused by inadequate drinking water, sanitation, and hand hygiene kills an estimated 842,000 people every year globally, or approximately 2,300 people per day.
In 2011, 165 million children under the age 5 were stunted (reduced rate of growth and development) due to chronic malnutrition."

Globally, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of charities and nonprofits dedicated to eradicating the world of these solvable problems. By purchasing life insurance through Commission Giver, you help these groups continue to fight against these forces that kill and impoverish millions of people each year. 

Rather than spread that money across many charities doing many types of work, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on three primary needs:

Need 1: Clean Water
Need 2: Preventable Disease
Need 3: Child Welfare.

We believe concepts like Commission Giver are a great step toward addressing these issues by dedicating funds from products we buy every day to charities and nonprofits that are equipped to impact the world. Billions of dollars are generated every year in the insurance industry and, like many Americans, we often find ourselves struggling to justify the extravagant wealth in our industry with the suffering we see globally.

Commission Giver presents an opportunity for people who recognize the need for wise purchases, but also desperately want to see poverty eradicated from the globe.