The Common Ground Partnership
Bringing together art, technology and philanthropy to focus attention on – and raise money for – environmental projects worldwide.

Who is Common Ground?
An online community of artists, designers, galleries, curators, art patrons, art institutions, art consumers and concerned corporate citizens.

What is Common Ground?
International touring exhibition and media events highlighting digital art in limited edition reproductions and commemorative books, all focused on the theme of environmental stewardship.

When does Common Ground take place?
A touring art exhibition premiered in Beijing, China at the Huan Tie Art Museum in November 2008, and now continues in North America and Europe in 2010. A new Common Ground exhibition will be produced in London 2012 to coincide with the Summer Olympic games in London.

How does Common Ground fulfill its mission?
It’s a corporate sponsored, brand extension series of events.  Media coverage is generated through artist and celebrity participation, with visibility in print and broadcast media, on the Web in Social Media, partner Web sites and e-mail. Through this media visibility, coupled with book and art sales, Common Ground raises awareness and funds for environmental stewardship projects.

Why Common Ground?
At the end of the day, Common Ground raises the profile for our corporate partners and their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, while at the same time raises media visibility and financial support for environmental non-profit organizations around the world.