COMPASSION IT is a social movement that inspires daily compassionate actions. We believe that when you “compassion it” in your daily life, you can positively impact the entire world.

COMPASSION IT's mission is to inspire daily compassionate actions.

At COMPASSION IT, we strive to improve the social consciousness of the world. We envision a time when we can measure a million acts of compassion taking place each day, all over the globe.

COMPASSION IT is a global social movement designed to help all people achieve happiness and attain meaningful lives using one-of-a-kind reversible bracelets to inspire daily compassionate actions.

We hope to create a community of compassion-minded citizens through social media, products, events and education. COMPASSION IT will educate the masses about compassion’s power to make all of us happier, healthier, and better equipped to solve social problems – locally and globally.

COMPASSION IT proceeds benefit compassion education outreach.

Use COMPASSION IT.™ bracelets as a fundraiser for your charity or organization! HALF of the proceeds from the bracelet sales will benefit your group. Email support@compassionit.com for more information.