We would like to announce yet another milestone in customer satisfaction by Complete Heating & Cooling. As you may recall, in 2012 Complete Heating & Cooling was awarded the “Talk of the Town Customer Satisfaction Award” by Celebration Media as a 5 star rated company, and through hard work and commitment, the Complete Heating & Cooling team has achieved a consecutive win for 2013.
Unlike any other service that rates and posts customer satisfaction scores, Celebration Media averages scores and data from user-review and business-review website, social networks, business-rating services, and industry resources all by hand. By averaging ratings, and adjust for the occasional negative review that might be posted by a competitor or a positive review from a family member that are irrelevant.  
Each company receives one score for the year, and it is a stable rating that does not change until new research is done the following year. If the rating is 4 stars or better it is automatically posted, at no charge, at www.talkofthetownnews.com on a special award star page for the world to see.
We believe that customer experience starts from the first time a consumer learn about a company, and continues well after they’ve experience the product or service. Enthusiastic, passionate customers provide the vital role of marketing through online social networks and user-review websites. We at Celebration Media and the Talk of the Town News and Awards invite you to keep writing reviews and sharing the good news with your friends.