Compliance4All announces webinar on the topic, “Coliform 649 -The Coliform Lottery” on July 15. The speaker at this webinar will dispel the perceived effectiveness of coliform numbers as the primary indicator for water quality and safety, and will suggest alternatives.

Fremont, CA: Compliance4All, a provider of cost-effective regulatory compliance trainings for a wide range of regulated industries, will organize a webinar on July 15. Michael Brodsky, an Environmental Microbiologist, will be the speaker at this seminar. The topic of this webinar is “Coliform 649 -The Coliform Lottery”.

About the webinar:

Although coliforms have been used as an indicator for water quality and safety; their uses have been widely misunderstood.

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The water purification industry needs to take a relook at its concept of water potability. It needs to redefine its reliance on traditional microbial indicators of potability and consider other approaches.

In particular, coliforms are now no longer considered as the primary indicator of water potability. The speaker at this webinar will offer insights into the effectiveness of other indicator organisms and the ways by which to interpret their detection. He will explain to participants other, alternative approaches for monitoring potable water for drinking or industrial use.

About the Speaker:

Michael Brodsky has been an Environmental Microbiologist for more than 41 years. He is a Past President of the Ontario Food Protection Association and AOAC International. He serves as Chair for the AOAC Expert Review Committee for Microbiology, as a scientific reviewer in Microbiology for the AOAC OMA and the AOAC Research Institute, as a reviewer for Standard Method for the Examination of Water and as a chapter editor on QA for the Compendium of Methods in Microbiology.

He is also a lead auditor/assessor in microbiology for the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) and is a member of the Board of Directors.

About Compliance4All:

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