ComplianceBridge, the maker of TotalCompliance, is a policy and procedure management software solution.    TotalCompliance manages the entire policy and procedure workflow- from creation, to edit, review-approve, publish, revision, archive, and much moreThe software will also track end user metrics, such as who has read, taken and optional test or questionnaire, and signed off on your critical documents.  TotalCompliance can be customized to meet dozens of workflow needs from a variety of industries- including Healthcare, Finance, Government, Education, Retail, and more.  

ComplianceBridge helps numerous organizations, in all lines of business, centralize their policies, procedures, and other critical documents in one easily accessible location.  Easy collaboration, effective version management, organized distribution, and comprehensive reporting are just some of the benefits ComplianceBridge offers its clients.

For more information, visit http://www.ComplianceBridge.com.  Or, view our short overview video here at http://www.compliancebridge.com/tours/3.0video/3.0mktg.php