Concierge101.com is an online resource that helps startups launch and operate their concierge or errand service successfully.

Concierge101.com Shows You How to Get Customers for Your Concierge Business or Errand Service.  Visit our blog for industry news and helpful tips on how to start your concierge or errand business!

The Keys to Starting and Operating a Successful Concierge Service gives you the expert advice you need to start a concierge business. If you already own a concierge business or an errand service, this guide helps owners map out a plan to provide, expand and enhance services and brand. Entrepreneurs in search of a sound, home-based business idea will find ways to create unique opportunities in this thriving industry.

As a 20 year veteran still active in the hospitality industry, my team and I currently oversee corporate and residential concierge services for several properties in Las Vegas and Arizona. The skills I've learned over the years are now compiled in one book!

"For a long time now, I have wanted to put together a guide for entrepreneurial concierges, both apprentices and experts. So many have approached me for employment or advice on how to start their own service. Now, with assistance from peers in the industry, this book is available to anyone who wants to branch off into concierge service ownership. It has been a truly rewarding experience for me. I feel so fortunate to have found a way to build personal and financial wealth doing something I enjoy.

This is a great time for a concierge business or errand business startup. In many areas where there is significant development in the luxury market (residential and commercial), you will find increasing opportunity for concierge service providers. I remember my first job as a residential concierge, which helped me start a concierge business from home. The knowledge I acquired while employed by an established concierge business set the groundwork for my long-term career as a concierge business entrepreneur and author.

It is my pleasure to share with you everything you need to know to not only start a concierge business, but also how to operate a successful one!"