Concierge Services & Lifestyle Management focuses on providing friendly and efficient Anglo-French assistance to buisness and individuals. We are Social Media Savvy, our clients depend on us to deliver because they are challenged by lack of time, willingness or language. Our spectrum of undertakings is vast

Business to Business Services
We are Social Media Savvy, we specialise in:-

Raising online business presence
Providing Social Media coaching to businesses
Social Media accounts set up
Social Media accounts maintained
Wordpress website / blog building
Wordpress maintained
Online press releases
Webinars -[Seminars over the internet]

Tell us your aspirations...What do you want to achieve? We can help you get there

Anglo - French Concierge Services

Event planning
Concert tickets
Travel arrangements
Accompanied appointments and visits where interpretation is required
Registering a small businesses in France
Registering with a local doctor and dentist
Finding a professional - architect, lawyer, accountant, estate agent, tutor or tradesman.
Opening bank accounts
Utility connections for electricity, water and gas
Telephone and internet connections
Health, home and vehicle insurance policies
Direct debits for payment of household bills and other regular outgoings
A verbal summary of correspondence - letters, emails, faxes and forms
Completion of forms on your behalf
Meeting people on your behalf
Making telephone calls on your behalf
Booking appointments on your behalf
Enrolling children in schools and local clubs
Placing advertisements

This list is intended as an insight into the types of services we can provide.
We do not offer legal or financial advice

Anglo - French Assistance Fees
Hourly rate 32.50€
Bundle of 10 hours, prepaid and valid for 1 month 297.00€

Services to Business Fees
Hourly rate 47.00€
Bundle of 10 hours, prepaid and valid for 1 month 397.00€

Projects and turnkey packages quoted upon presentation of your ideas...