About Us

'CondoLiving.ph' is a property of Sproads Media Inc.

1.0 Executive Summary

Sproads Media Inc. (Sproads) is a progressive website-publishing and internet marketing company in Manila. Our direction is internet-focused. Since 2008, we’ve released and maintained successful websites such as Castpel.com, OFWhero.com and have released a web-builder and content management system software, Sproads.com, for real estate tours and travels.

1.1 Mission
The mission of Sproads is to help property investors and prospective buyers (clients) find their preferred property in Manila and connect them with our partners.

It is also our mission to help Property Developers (developers) increase project/brand awareness through the internet. We will coordinate internet sales leads to Property Consultants and Real Estate Brokers (partners), and generate 25% more sales leads for them. We also aim to provide a complete internet-marketing solution to developers and partners.

1.2 Objectives
The goals of Sproads are as follows:
• To provide investors and buyers an extensive and complete list of properties for sale.
• To help property brokers increase their sales leads to up to 25% and to generate at least one (1) sales conversion for every 3 months

1.3 The Company
Sproads is a Corporation composed of seven incorporators. Its founder is Mr. Teodulo Otoman II, a PHP Zend Certified Engineer, with 8 years of experience in website development and internet marketing, and a former Web Development Lead of CozyCot.com (an 88DB company and currently the biggest online community portal for women in Singapore).

Mr. Otoman specializes in website technology and internet marketing, knows the ins-and-outs of the internet industry and is able to develop and maintain our systems.

We believe that our technology  will revolutionize internet marketing, starting with Manila’s real estate industry.

2.0 Services

Think of us as your very own internet marketing team!

Sproads helps our partners establish an online presence via our portals and attract clients to generate online sales leads. We offer a complete internet marketing solution to our clients: design work, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, copywriting, online press releases, etc. The main portal for this service is www.condoliving.ph.

Establishing an online presence via our portals, we assist our clients with finding a home in their preferred area by allowing them to compare projects by location and by value. The clients will be able to  view the properties and models using our online virtual tour technology. Once the client has decided to do an open house visit, we will help them coordinate with our partner.

Our products and services promote brand awareness, provide an avenue for online inquiries and generate sales leads for our partners. We offer the full service and benefits of having your own world-class web development and online marketing team without ever having to go online.

• Website design and development
• Virtual property tour and online portals
• Server hosting and maintenance
• Online marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns
• SEO,  social media marketing and internet advertising
• Generate online sales leads for partners
• Online support for clients

By directly extending our contract to developers and coordinating with our partners, we make sure to represent the interests of both sides.

We handle all of the internet-related transactions (which include website development, online marketing, internet advertising, online inquiries and customer support) of our clients, and represent our partner on any internet-related conversation and presentation.

3.1 Competitive Edge

We project that all partners of Sproads will not only have a 25% growth on their their sales leads, but also increase their deals to one property for every three months. By the volume of partners and number of properties and projects that we offer, our marketing campaigns will stand out well above the other online real estate companies.

4.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Our main media is the internet. We will be using our online portals--CondoLiving.ph, Castpel.com, OFWHero.com and OPMusic.ph--to generate sales leads. Our social media marketing campaign will be focused on Facebook and Twitter, targeting and leading clients to CondoLiving.ph, and we will advertise using Google Adwords and Yahoo!. We will do extensive SEO and link-building to increase the website’s s rank in search engines.