Inspired by the classics from Cheers to Friends, Confab is a throwback web series to the golden age of sitcoms: bringing this old school genre to the new medium of the web. Following four college juniors in Washington, D.C. through the most incredible semester of their lives, Confab is an accessible situation comedy with relatable characters, over the top situations and hilarious insight on life, love and pop culture.

Everyman Milo, armchair philosopher Floze, coffee shop hipster Deb and reluctant sorority sister Sandy meet every day in the same place on campus. Their lives intersect in this small section of the Union where they confabulate over the novelties of the day. Throughout the series they find themselves wrapped up with the campus freegan, a rogue RA with nothing to lose, the college LARP club, a World War 2 enthusiast sorority sister, their doggelgangers, the tyranny of a fast food chain and much more.

A fun and energetic show, Confab delivers on big laughs with characters that mirrors each wacky person you have encountered in your life.  bringing fresh and different elements to a format we all love. Follow the adventures, misadventures, excitement, schemes, philosophies, quirks, rivalries, and loyalties of an eclectic group of college friends as they try to make it through another school year amidst odd classes, situations, and even odder people.