We believe the profitability of any business depends on its ability to maximise the productivity of a highly motivated and effective workforce. Efficient communication is paramount to achieving this. At ConneXions Group, we have the internal skills and the external relationships through which we can provide complete business solutions in the convergent communication technologies needed to be competitive in this modern, high-tech world.

We can be your complete office communication solutions provider both in basic products such as desktop computers, office software, telephone handsets and Cat5e/6 structured network cabling; and in providing more sophisticated products such as computer network server technologies and voice over IP compatible telephone systems, also providing final connection for external network services including telephone lines, call billing, private data circuits, broadband internet access and web hosting.

These services are not limited to provision at a single location; Fibre Optic Cabling, VPN's, Wireless Radio Links are but a few options which can be used to connect multi site premises both cost effectively and efficiently. Our expertise also extends to installation, maintenance, technical support and financial services. We take great pride in the quality of the post implementation support that underpins all our solutions.

ConneXions Group is proud to be known by the company it keeps. We look forward to welcoming you to the whole group of companies who trust our expertise, rely on our support and who continue to do business with us long term.