The tod Smart Beacon Bluetooth 4 accessory for todhq is the most configurable, customizable and affordable Accessory on coming to the market. This tiny accessory allows you to connect your life to the web and functionality of your device for a wide range of rich functionality.  Now simple actions like getting in the car, getting home from school or work, or something you love going out of range can be connected to the web through your device for alerts, emails and texts. This and a whole lot more from a tiny beacon almost make tod Smart Beacons require a cape for it's super power possibilities!

With an open development protocol tod Smart Beacons are also great to hack, experiment and evaluate Bluetooth 4 to create a web connected project or connect your existing projects to the web using the connection in your existing mobile devices.  

With the tod App and Smart Beacons you can quickly and easily setup your own Internet of Things and Actions with an easy to use interface, modestly priced accessory and the devices you already love.

Pre-order yours today at http://todhq.com