ConnectorTest International is a U.S. manufacturer of advanced electronic automated test systems for the electrical connector and cable manufacturing industries.  The systems automatically test connectors and interconnect hardware for: Shorts, Contact Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Insulation Resistance, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (AC/DC Hi-Pot), Dissipation Factor, Zener / MOV and Inductance.  

With up to 320 test points available, the PC controlled systems can test vitually any type / size of electrical connectors, which include: Hermetic (glass to metal seal), Filtered, Planar capacitors, Zener arrays, MOV arrays, Capacitor / zener subassemblies.  Types of connectors tested include: ARINC, Rack & Panel, Circular, D-Subminiature, Micro 'D', Nano 'D', Medical, Nuclear, Hermetic feedthroughs, ceramic arrays, plus more.  ConnectorTest manufactures three unique test systems (Models: 4077A, 4087B and 4097A) which satisfy most requirements in the connector and cable industries.  

The systems are also used in the medical and automotive industries in high-speed production / assembly line settings to test filtered connectors being installed into heart defibrillators and automobile ECU computers (which are EMI / RFI filter intensive).  The Oil and Gas mining industries use these systems to test Capacitance on long run cables (e.g. 5000 ft length) to determine electrical faults.  The systems also have application as a diagnostic tool for a wide variety of military and aerospace hardware including aircraft sub-systems, satellite, missile systems, etc.  

The main advantage and benefit of the ConnectorTest International test systems are their speed and overall efficiency as compared to other manufacturers of automatic test equipment (ATE) in this industry.  ConnectorTest International test systems are the fastest ATE in these industries for their intended purpose while being extremely user-friendly and portable to other sites.  ConnectorTest's software interface allows the operator to quickly generate a program for testing a specific connector or cable assembly.  No software languages needed to operate these systems.  The test systems use custom interface fixtures specific to the part being tested and are plugged into the front of the tester.  The part under test is then plugged onto the mating fixture and tested.  Many of the fixtures used function as dual-purpose, being able to test sub-assembly and finished part on one.  'D' Subminature, Nano 'D' test fixtures are engineered to accept all sizes / pin counts on one fixture.

ConnectorTest International test systems fully document all test results on the monitor and in the software's database (ISO-9001).  Test results can be printed with manufacturer's company logo at top of the printed test documents.  All tests carry a sequencial 'Record ID' number for traceability.  Additionally, test results can be searched, sorted printed by:  Date, Part number, Record ID number, Operator, Test Values, Pass / Fail status.

As an example of speed and efficiency, a 150 pin Arinc filtered aircraft connector is fully tested for: Capacitance, IR and DWV in 2.25 minutes on these systems.  The systems can also test many connectors (e.g. 64 eight-pin filter connectors in the same test cycle), adding to the systems efficiency factor.  Operators can mix different types of connectors and test them all in same test cycle, further adding to the overal versatility and efficiency of the product family.  

ConnectorTest International's test systems are typically 30 times faster than manual test equipment used for testing in this industry and 4-10 times faster than the competitors automatic equipment testing same electrical parameters.  Because of this exemplary speed, these test systems pay for themselves in as little as 4 to 6 months.  Test systems are delivered with: Tester, Intel I-Core Computer, 17" LCD monitor and Laser Printer.  Tester carries a two-year warranty.  ConnectorTest has been manufacturing automatic test systems since 1989.