Connolly Hospitality are a Melbourne based business and property agency, specialising in the sale and leasing of all hospitality focused businesses and properties, in particular, Hotels, Bars, Motels and Resorts. The agency draws from four generations of family experience, directly as buyers, owners, operators, vendors and selling agents of hotels, motels and caravan parks.

In late 2012, Pat Connolly established Connolly Hospitality and was joined by his brother Will Connolly. The brothers recognised the need for an agency with a modern, refined approach, that could offer all the technological advantages of a large agency combined with the tailored, personalised service of a boutique agency. Known to hoteliers, moteliers and business owners throughout Australia, the Connolly brothers are passionate in their endeavours to be leaders within the industry through providing successful outcomes.

Specialist services include hotel, motel, bar, restaurant resort and hospitality/leisure business and property sales, leasing, landlord-tenant negotiations, property management, buyers advocacy and more.

Connolly Hospitality are members of the Australian Hotels Association, Hotel Brokers Association Victoria and the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.