Consected is an online system that helps businesses of any size to run and automate workflows and business processes that help their employees to improve the way they deliver, organize, find and escalate work without requiring a complex software to be developed or installed. If your business is advanced in BPM and is looking to save a few seconds off every item of work you process, the online solution is probably not for you. If you are looking to save several hours or days and many items of work that are otherwise lost or trapped in email, on paper or in spreadsheets, Consected is the ideal choice.

Consected was developed based on experience of more than 12 years working with a range of content management, workflow and business process management software and custom projects. The benefits these products and projects offered was obvious, but the cost and complexity made their adoption by many organizations a difficult decision. Consected takes this experience and provides an easy to use system that assists users to work better, by simplifying the use of the software, and providing deployment under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Consected also offers consulting services, based on a lengthy experience in document management, workflow and business process management technologies. We can help you take a Consected online solution to the next level, or improve your business with the software you already own.

The online Consected service is run in a professionally hosted server environment remotely in data centers in the US, with options for critical solutions to be run on their own dedicated servers in SAS-70 certified server rooms. The administration of Consected is based close to Boston, MA.

For further information, email info@consected.com