Consensus Communications is a multi-disciplinary strategic consulting firm providing the full spectrum of business communications services --- from commerce to public policy and all things in between. Our experience combined with our research-driven process, provide clients with insight into what to expect in addition to the solutions to deal with each unique situation. We use proven methods and a cutting edge approach to meet the unique communications needs of each client.

Our communications efforts for many leading businesses demonstrate our extensive expertise in successful B2B, B2C, issues and crisis management; and shaping public opinion for clients in all major industry sectors.

We help clients address all communications needs from the “inside/out”.

Our Philosophy

The core reason to retain the services of a firm, such as Consensus Communications, is to bring an unencumbered strategic perspective and voice to your organization.

It is our mission to work with business leaders to help them GROW, MAINTAIN and PROTECT their interests. We are uniquely qualified to help clients address a wide variety of matters from business opportunities to challenging public policy issues that may threaten their organization, while providing ongoing strategic counsel.

We bring the best professionals and business practices to the service of our clients, thereby helping them achieve their objectives…and win. As such, we are committed to the highest ethical and business standards.

There are a few distinctive qualities that will make a significant difference in the outcomes of your business.

Your Message.

It’s not something you leave on voicemail. Your message is the concise story that communicates the essence of your business to potential clients and investors.

Your message is the straightforward description of your company’s perspective on an issue – so that the public supports what you’re doing – and doesn’t succumb to misinformation that could tarnish your image. Your message is the compelling, easy to understand encapsulation of a complex issue – so that you can take it before government decision makers for action or to the public for support.

In today’s fast-paced world, you sometimes get just one chance to communicate your message – so every word counts – and so does every opportunity.

Our Job.

Our job is to help you develop, communicate and manage your message – so that when the stakes are their highest – you are on message.

Our Approach.

We develop creative communication strategies by analyzing your situation, conducting sophisticated market research, and taking it to the streets and actually shaping public opinion.

Our Reach.

The experts at Consensus Communications manage some of the most high-profile communications programs in Florida, giving us a thorough knowledge of Florida and a broad reach across the nation’s fourth largest state. We understand the unique nature of each market in Florida and have extensive statewide contacts.

Our Clients    

Our clients represent market leaders in Florida’s most important business sectors. From Fortune 500 to up-and-coming, from public to private, from agriculture to tourism – Consensus Communications provides Florida business with experienced public relations, business development, crisis management and lobbying counsel.