SolarWall®, a transpired collector technology, was a breakthrough invention that created the global solar air heating industry.The technology was developed and patented by Conserval Engineering of Buffalo, NY and Toronto, Canada. It was ranked by the U.S. Department of Energy as being in the “top two percent of energy related inventions” because of its unique technical design and efficiency at converting sunlight into usable thermal energy. It remains the leading building-integrated clean energy technology – now used in thousands of commercial, industrial and agricultural applications around the world – that effectively addresses the huge amount of energy used for space and process heating.

SolarWall and its inventor, John Hollick, were were honored by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in New York City in a new exhibit as one of 80 of the best inventions, inventors and engineering feats of the past two centuries along with Edison, Ford, Carrier, Westinghouse and the Panama Canal.

Conserval Engineering, founded in 1977, is the oldest solar air heating company in North America and it continues to innovate and develop new solar products for the commercial building market.