Our objective is to help our clients drive costs out of their projects by enhancing their industrial project and construction management processes. We help our clients manage the business end of the construction cycle by providing: Project Management Support, Construction Management Support, Project Delivery Enhancement, Risk Management Support, Construction Litigation Support, Constructability Reviews, Outage Readiness Reviews, Construction Cost Estimating, Due Diligence Reviews, and Personnel Sourcing.

None of these services are generic. They are always custom designed to be applied to each organization's specific needs.

Our approach is flexible. We can work at the front end of the project just to set up the programs, we can provide fulltime hands-on support for the duration of the project, and we can provide periodic reinforcement to ensure use of the programs remains effective.

For 15 years, we have been at the forefront of using tried and true processes for providing business management services to owners, contractors, attorneys, and consultants in the power and process construction industries. Our associates have been involved in power generation projects totaling well over 100,000 MWs, ranging from coal-fired to oil-fired and from gas-fired to renewable. Electric and gas transmission and distribution projects form a part of our portfolio. And we also work with the chemical process industry building new or expanding existing facilities.

We work with our clients to bring clarity to projects. We assist in developing management processes that not only clarify what is happening at the moment, but also what will happen tomorrow and beyond. When you self‐perform any part of the work, we help ensure that the processes you use do exactly this. If you contract out any part of the work, we help you determine if your contractor is at the top of his game and is also using similar processes, i.e. seeing if he is using his A-team. We have done this many times in the past.

We accomplish all of this by working with our clients to establish processes and select tools that will show value achieved for effort expended. We help our clients monitor, measure, and manage many of the project’s physical parameters such as quantities of materials, parts, and structures installed, e.g. cubic feet of concrete, tons of steel, feet of piping, equivalent welds, wiring terminations, etc. But we also assist in setting up processes to monitor, measure, and manage the non‐physical parameters such as cash flow, manhours, safety, quality, and more. With the subsequent integration of the physical with the non‐physical, our approach clearly shows where a project is headed, in terms of value for effort expended and in terms of cost and schedule.

The value we bring is derived from the experience of working with many diverse clients, many of whom have similar needs but require different solutions. Please contact us for more information, and to see if our services fill a need you may have.

Our clients range in size from small Independent Power Producers to mid‐size specialty contractors. They also include very large General Contractors as well as Fortune 200 Owners and US Government agencies.

Attorneys frequently seek us out when an in-depth analysis is required for forensic review of what transpired during a project heading towards litigation.

And in those instances where our services are not the right fit, we still connect the client to someone who can satisfy their needs.

Typical client testimonials:

After a rigorous forensic analysis of a project failure and subsequent enhancement of the project management process, Mike Cashell, VP – Transmission at NorthWestern Energy said: “Your associates have been very helpful as we developed the enhancements to our project management process. We will certainly keep you informed of our progression and any further needs. Thank you again.”

Upon the successful completion of a $50 million chemical process plant expansion for BYK, a division of the German firm Altana, BYK USA’s Sr. Manager of Manufacturing, Ed Ogle said: “If we had known you could help us get such a clear picture so quickly of where our contractor was taking this project, we would have brought you on board much earlier. Thanks for your help.”

And one more: After preparing a major boiler outage bid for TEi, a Babcock Power company, Ted Grunenwald, VP of Operations, stated: “Thanks for your help with this estimate. We very literally could not have bid the job otherwise.”
For further information, or a list of our clients, please contact us at info@ConstrBiz.com.

Also, go to https://youtu.be/Ju0qi7EO_jY for a short video of our president discussing his most recent book on the business of power plant construction.