Do you have too many safety incidents? Are you looking for steps to improve your organization's performance, employee engagement, and safety plan? Do you want to be part of a World Class system? Then you want JAHolmes Consulting L.L.C.

Experienced Behavioral Safety Consultant; Leadership and Team Development, and presentation skills coach all to:

Build strong leader skills that improve safety performance. Leadership is not the same as management. You need both, and more people focus on managing. Leaders inspire people to follow them, and have to be the role models for how to perform safety on the job, build relationships that show you care, and have flexibility in the way you communicate with direct reports. JAHolmes Consulting will give you the skills and guidance to be successful at leading.
Create high performing teams to solidify your safety culture. When you want safety to be the culture at your organization, you need the engagement of all employees. Implementation teams, or functional work teams can make or break your efforts to build your safety culture. JAHolmes will work to develop your teams to make them work together in an impactful and collegial way, and build upon their strengths to successful performance.
Simplify your succession planning by growing leaders from within. past experience has shown that the team development work has created strong leaders within the team. Many team members have been promoted to high responsibility roles, leadership and supervisory positions, which is an asset to the organization by promoting from within.
Mentor women in non-traditional working environments. Based on the book: PERSISTENCE, I Know You Can Do This, JAHolmes Consulting offers mentoring for women working in non-traditional roles and helps create a network for women to find support, and listening posts for sharing of ideas to mentor others.
Build confident and strong presenter/trainers with Train-the-Trainer workshops. As an energetic presenter, J. Holmes provides skill building workshops for those who are new to presenting/training to build confidence and ability to be smooth, professional, and concise with their presentations.

JAHolmes Consulting is waiting to hear from you to see how we can help you continue to strengthen the skills of your people and organizational performance.
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