We are all loved no matter the circumstance; God has ever lasting mercy that will never fail. However we take on the responsibility of: repenting, doing our part in helping fulfill the great commission, and trying to unite and wake up the Disciples of Christ. We do not see ourselves building up walls to keep others out but to share the truth of Gods kingdom as well as his love for all his children.
Life can be a challenge sometimes but we want to give people a safe motivational pace for spiritual growth. Sometimes we can’t always meet up in person, but we have worked hard to post on our website to help with that extra push most of us need throughout the day/week.
A few ideas of getting the message of Christ across can be done in unique areas that God has blessed our ministry with, such as: Caring for the homeless, preaching in churches, video broadcast on social media sights such as Facebook, YouTube, and contagiousm.com