Contract Management Simplified.


Contract Analyst provides a rapid return on your investment in contract management software. Our contract management solution is easy to set up and easy to use. You can leave the spreadsheets behind, track all the lifecycle events for each contract, and improve the financial performance of your organization.


Spreadsheets and filing systems are still the primary tools for many organizations across industries. These tools harken back to an era when contract management was merely an administrative function.

Leading organizations now use contract management proactively to improve business. Contract management is a vibrant part of enterprise risk management among the best organizations.

Spreadsheets and file directories threaten the financial health of your organization:

- important details are filed and forgotten, resulting in unreported financial losses,
- key documents are lost because the contract record data and documents are not in one place, and
- contracts are managed individually, without the full contract portfolio perspective.

With contract management software from Contract Analyst, you can transcend the constraints of folders and files. Contract management changes from a simplistic task into a vital part of the organization where contract managers, lawyers, executives, finance professionals and operations staff collaborate to exploit contract advantages and to limit contract risks.

Contract Analyst delivers these benefits through a powerful, easy-to-use contract repository.


Once your contracts reside in a single repository, Contract Analyst helps you automate the entire contract lifecycle.

Contracts are amended, price schedules are updated, and rights are excercised during the lifecycle of a contract. Organizations that rely on a single person's memory expose themselves to substantial contract risk.

To protect themselves, organizations record and monitor each lifecycle event: new contracts, amendments, modifications, extensions, and renewals. Contract Analyst delivers all lifecycle events and contract history one place as actionable data.
Improve financial performance with contract management software

Effective contract management can have an rapid, meaningful impact on profitability. Contracts effect every line of the balance sheet and income statement.

Contract management software benefits revenue:

- contract management software protects revenue by notifying sales of expiring contracts that need renewal far in advance,
- contract management software improves financial forecasts by identifying recurring revenue, and
- contract management software grows revenue by identifying pricing opportunities in existing contracts.

Contract management software controls expenses:

- contract management software alerts the organization about options to terminate unfavorable contracts,
- contract management software helps to prevent unauthorized transactions, and
- contract management software facilitate communication between finance, sales and operations about important contract decisions.

Contract management software improves the balance sheet by providing a portfolio view of the contracts. Contract risk comes from systemic financial leakage in the contract portfolio more often than from a single contract. With contract management software from Contract Analyst, organizations can now see the entire contract portfolio.


Contract Analyst delivers high value contract management software to manage the entire contract lifecycle, centralize contract documents, and manage risk. You can customize Contract Analyst to meet your needs with no programming or special licenses. Contract Analyst is Contract Management Simplified!