Who Gives This Stuff Away For Free?

I’m your average, plain-jane American guy who simply wants to do more than the average person.  I’ve learned through the years that you get more by giving. That’s where this site came from.

Where This Site Comes From

I’ve been fortunate enough to be around some amazing people in this industry, and I owe my life and my desire for growth to them.

Frankly, this site came to be because… I’m tired of the BS. There’s so much crap out there. I’m fortunate enough to recognize it because I know the industry and the game. But the average contractor won’t, and will waste their hard-earned dollars paying someone for sub-par results and excuses for not delivering.

I feel I have a gift. A gift  in that I love to help others and love sharing what I’m passionate about. Take a look at the testimonials page on the website and you’ll see that people can feel that “infectious passion” about lead generation in the construction industry that I have.

I realize the pressures and stress that owning your own business gives you. I also know that by helping eliminate some of those stresses, I’ll build a network of friends and clients that will benefit from my experience. That, for me, is personally gratifying.