Converde Group was started to serve and develop green companies including water, biofuel, and fertilizer enhancers. Like most successful entrepreneurial companies, our leader’s have the expertise and “a passion for the business, products and product experience”. Since our beginning, Converde Group has accessed a major production facility, partnered with a premier, proven and seasoned production company, with current bottling contracts in place; and, are in the midst of closing on a retail distribution outlet, which may ultimately be franchised throughout the world.

Our Mission
Converde Group's mission is to continually develop organic and green companies, serving a broad range of markets with innovative technologies, that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce our carbon foorprint.

Our Expertise and Partner Network
Everyone we hire has a passion for providing first class management for our portfolio with premier products, services and benefits. Our extensive network of partners bring in-place demand for  our portfolio of companies and vision. Together, Converde Group and its partners are able to leverage mutual strengths around common objectives to establish market leadership positions.

Artesian Water Products
Bulk and bottled water drawn directly from our wells in one of the largest and purest water  aquifers in our country and considered to be among the best artesian water worldwide.

Fertilizer Enhancer
Natural, organic, non-toxic and green. Enhances fertilizer and pesticide effectiveness, increases crop yields, reduces pollutant run-off, reduces irrigation needs, reduces production costs, creates healthier heartier plants, all while nourishing,  replenishing and restoring the soil.

Lawn, Garden & Agriculture Solutions
A complete line of innovative organic and sustainable solutions for your lawn, garden and agricultural needs. Our products are utilized all over the world, in all sorts of growing environments like organic and conventional farms, hay, pastures, turf management, golf courses, municipalities, nurseries, lawns, gardens, and greenhouses.

Health & Energy Beverages
Water based beverages made from one of the largest and purest water  aquifers in our country and considered to be among the best artesian water worldwide. Learn more about our proprietary formulations: Quench and Hydrolyte

Specialty Products
Natural, organic, non-toxic and green. Products to clean-up, clear-out and mitigate waste, odors and more.

Uses sugar cane or molasses. Our proprietary process requires single pass filtering compared to the three pass filtering process used by most corn biofuel producers.