The Cook Islands Offshore Planning Association (CIOPA) is a professional organization launched in 2016. Endorsed by Cook Islands trust companies, CIOPA works to educate consumers, professionals, and the media about the ethical uses of offshore planning in the Cook Islands. Membership is available to attorneys, brokers, financial planners, CPAs, and other professionals working with offshore planning with the Cook Islands jurisdiction.

CIOPA manages the CIOPA Knowledge Base, which is the most extensive online database of legislation, case law, and commentary on Cook Islands offshore planning.

CIOPA members receive a wide range of benefits which include:

Listing in the CIOPA.org member directory which is provided to members of the media, potential consumers, and fellow professionals.
Use of CIOPA membership logos for your website and marketing materials.
Participation in CIOPA events, with opportunities for both attending and presenting as an expert.
Distribution of your content by way of ciopa.org, the CIOPA Knowledge Base (wiki.ciopa.org), social media, press releases, and media kits.
Access to members-only forum for discussion of planning techniques and other relevant topics.
Opportunity to participate in advisory boards which will provide expert opinions on a wide range of issues including Cook Islands legislation and guidelines for practitioners.
Eligibility for CIOPA certification whereby CIOPA, through a program established in consultation with the trust companies, will certify professionals as experts in Cook Islands-based offshore planning.
Other benefits as they are developed.