The Handy Bed raised garden bed by Cook Products is made of high quality exterior PVC, which unlike wooden garden beds, will never rot or deteriorate due to weather or constant plant watering. Its simple design makes assembly easy for almost anyone in minutes using only a phillips screwdriver or cordless drill. The units are stackable and available in a variety of sizes to increase soil depth and design.

The Handy Post can be used in many ways to beautify your home or business.


The adjustable arm can be moved about vertically and the newspaper holder closed off with an additional cap (included). Arm can accommodate up to 50 lbs. with no sag. Can be used for many purposes.


Slide the arm up and have a beautiful display for any home or business sign up to 18" wide.


Can accommodate most mailbox designs and provides an extra large newspaper holder for convenience. Easily adjusts to US Postal height regulations after the post is installed. Mount your address sign or any sign vertically or horizontally or use stick-on numbers and letters.