Freedom To Be Cool Riders website targets the biker community with information and links for clothing and accessories needed for all weather riding.  Each page on the website is indicative of a season with tips for riding comfortable and safe.
"Take It Easy" is the mantra for the website. The articles on this page are inspirational describing elements and the connection between rider and ride.
"Summer Riding Gear" relates to the heat and the need to wear protective clothing and understanding the difficulty in wearing sleeves and gear. Links and banners for light clothing geared for ladies.
"Winter Riding Gear" relates to cold weather riding and the protection needed to stay warm.
Suggestions on clothing and accessories with discussions on proper fit and tips for comfortable riding gear.
"Wet Riding Gear" discusses the possibility of being caught in a weather situation where extreme caution is advisable.  Tips on being prepared to ride in wet weather while on tour as well as advice on choosing rain gear that works with the wind and protective clothing that will allow the rider to get somewhere to ride it out.