Cool Comfort Technologies™ is a leading manufacturer in innovative performance personal cooling textiles.  Headquartered in Windham, Maine CCT has engineered a patent pending cooling technology that when activated by moisture creates an environment that regulates the evaporative cooling process and delivers to the consumer a desirable, prolonged, superior cooling benefit.
   Unlike, traditional cooling products on the market today CCT uses no gels, crystals, or polymers.   The new generation of performance cooling fabric is comfortable, light weight and is pliable to make it extremely consumer friendly and yet chemical free.   The cooling is immediate and reusable.  The ultimate intent is the regulating or reduction in core temperature when mechanical cooling is not available.  The end user can expect performance in the 55° to 70° range and is dependent on climate conditions.
   The fabrics can be used in a multitude of end user applications…medical, military, sports and recreation, to name a few.   Product can be activated by perspiration, saturation, and freezing.
   To learn more about Cool Comfort Technologies™, its products and how it can create your own personal cooling environment please call or e-mail
Dennis Ackroyd  -  dennis@coolcomforttech.com
Or sales@coolcomforttech.com  telephone #207-893-1532