There’s a wave of disruption sweeping across the business landscape, driven by social, mobile, cloud, and analytics. CRM clients require a personalized process that delivers what they need, want, when and where they want it. The opportunities clients realize with effective processes and the specifics are unique for every industry.

Cool Life CRM has built the customer success platform for industries, giving you the solutions you need to adapt quickly, transform your business, and succeed.

A system of engagement.
The customer success platform wraps around critical data and processes, frees them from silos, and connects everything to everything in a whole new way. Wherever people are, every engagement is relevant, meaningful, and personal.

Optimized for your industry.
You know your industry, and you know what you need. Cool Life CRM platform delivers solutions to meet your sector’s biggest challenges and expose opportunities.

Deploy in days or weeks, not months or years.
Our intuitive and dynamic architecture makes transformation faster and easier than you ever imagined. Cloud solutions deploy in a fraction of the time it used to take, for a fraction of the cost. And product upgrades are delivered automatically.

Cool Life CRM for Management
Cool Life CRM listens to our users providing direction and needs of their target customers. The need for enterprises not made up of fragmented information, but connected, cohesive data, each with unique expertise, but all working together, powering toward the same customer-centric goals. Cool Life CRM is not just about making sales, but finding mutual success through building relationships, the harmonious balance of data and process — learning about customers through data, online social interactions, and analytics, and managing the lifecycle with real-time processes.